Arts Integration for spiritual innovation is a mantra of the times. All of us desire a place to belong, a place to expand, a place to thrive and the arts provide space to engage. Art is born of inspiration, which is spiritual in nature and through a spiritual practice we elevate ourselves through music. Meditation and uplifting messages, to become ignited, invigorated and inspired.

Arts 464 under the direction of Becca McCoy was birthed in April of 2018 with a Five Month Initiative that explored five artistic disciplines: Literature, Dance, Visual Arts, Theatre and Music. This was a herculean and risky endeavor that proved to be more successful and rewarding than ever imagined. The expression of each of the 5 disciplines started each month with a weekly Sunday morning presentation and culminated with a public event in the Arts46/4 375 seat venue.

How it Started ... A 5-month Initiative


Insights: A convergence of adolescence

Each Sunday a different writer gave a 5 minute reading. On April 12th a group of local writers, artists and community leaders read their high school writing alongside current high schooler’s.


POV - The Seven Deadly Sins

Local artists were invited to display their creations in our art gallery. Art gets on-the-spot literary interpretations of the art work with a prompt of the seven deadly sins.


Movements of Motherhood

Local dancers performed a dance number each Sunday and on May 13th Dancer Helen Hansen French screened her film THE MOTHERHOOD PROJECT and then performed live.


Food for thought with your real stories

Each Sunday a local thesbian did a theatrical performance at our Sunday Service and on July 20th, we held a town hall meeting with a meal and an improvised debate by two opposing candidates. The audience presented them with questions and topics. Very energizing.


Sound Bites - Instrumental music and culinary delights

Every Sunday we featured a different instrumental artist with the Unity Band. Sax, flute, violin and piano. On August 24th “Sound Bites: A culinary Experience with the Ibis Quartet in Concert was a performance experience like no other. It was a chamber music concert of world class expertise that combined a culinary experience with music and engaging conversation.

The overwhelming success of this 5 month initiative has propelled the Arts 464 venue into the community spotlight as we continue to explore collaborations with dance troupes, jazz musicians and future theatrical performances. Arts 464 Center for the Arts has continued with featured artists such as:


A progressive Brazilian jazz quintet led by David Manson provided us with an expressive Brazilian music experience.


Renowned area choreographer Paula Kramer presented a grant supported endeavor starring Maureen McDole, Fanni Green and Bob Devin Jones three well-known area storytellers with no professional dance training who tell a story with readings and interpretive dance. It was magical.


a magnificent Meditation Singer. A Tibetan monk who travels the world with superb musical support by such renown artists such as Myron McKinley of Earth Wind and Fire. His voice transcends many limitations. He is a beautiful light in this world and his music is transformational.


A gratitude celebration around Thanksgiving featuring local and out of state singers with an inspirational music program. Gospel music at it’s finest lead by Wanda Nero Butler an icon in the world of gospel and spiritual music.