Featured Artist Ungala Grace

Intuitive Artist & Soul Portraits

Reception: January 12 at 12:30 pm

Ungala is an artist, writer and speaker. Through meditations and journaling she discovered a beautiful life of inner understanding and visions. Through these visions she has been blessed in creating a lifetime of art starting when she was just a child. She is an intuitive artist with three unique occurrences that happen when painting. She is clairaudient which is the ability to clearly hear those in Spirit, speaking to her internally, clairvoyant in that she receives images that need to be painted and an empath as she can feel the emotion of what is happening on the canvas while painting. This is how she know she is painting from her soul.

Visit Ungala in the I AM Center after service on Sundays in January to view her Art and speak with her about a ‘Soul Portrait’.