The Man in the Brown Suit

Wanda Nero Butler & Arts 464 Present

A Murder Mystery Theater

Come and travel with us back in time, Before the 60” Flatscreen Television… Before Television! When the Radio served as the center of family entertainment!

A time when our Drama and adventure series were played out by voices and sound effects over the family radio! Come, see the performers who will entertain you, the members of our studio audience. Listen to the clues as they are revealed through the drama of an Old Fashioned radio show!

Solve the Mystery of “The Man in the Brown Suit”! Be a Part of the Detective Squad and Help Our Lead inspector Discover Who is the Man, who has Murdered Henry and Penelope Peneworthy, a Rich High society couple, while in their Penthouse apartment. The only witness is their Maid, Ms. Georgia Jones, who swears she saw, running from the penthouse….”A MAN IN A BROWN SUIT!

All You Can Eat Pasta & Salad Bar
Gluten Free Pasta and Hearty 
Meatless Sauces Available
Drink (Byob) and Dessert

Doors open @6:30pm / Showtime 7pm

Childcare available, click for reservation.